Commissar Butler

Regimental Commissar. Your chief morale officer is a mute cyborg.


The regiments primary Commissar Butler, was a very relaxed man. His easy temperament made an easy compliment to Colonel Hunter’s leadership, and his general viewpoint was that the troopers pasts were behind them; their sins were not forgotten, but there was no point holding that over them while they strove for atonement.

Until one day, when he was coaching an inter-company ball game, Corporal Kreig and his three cronies dumped a barrel of acid over him.

Commissar Butler is now known as a still figure, the face forgotten beneath a steel mask.
He does not speak, or make any sound but a rhythmic mechanical wheezing. This load gasping breath can be completely halted for several minutes, as startled troopers have frequently found out.

He is accompanied at most times by 4 servitors. Three are horribly beweaponed, one has no hands and speaks on the behalf of the Commissar.

Butler’s leadership style has gradually shifted.

Commissar Butler

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